Style Guide

FUMCAH Newsletter Style Guide

If you don’t e-mail your article to me, use the submission formor hand me a physical paper with the info, assume it does not exist and will not be in the e-news or newsletter. 


We do not use suffixes on dates: no th rd st nd 

Include the year only if it isn’t the current year. 

Do not abbreviate the names of months. 

October 21 / November 6, 2027 


am / pm = lowercase, no spaces, no periods. 

Leave off the :00 if the time is on the hour 

12:35pm / 9:00-11:30am / 10am-2pm 


Capitalize Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary as proper names. 

The name of your group is also a proper name, so capitalize that. 

Web links / contact

If you need a link shortened, let me know. I have a service set up for us that can shorten links to manageable lengths. Send me the target link and a one word description for it. 

Phone numbers are formatted as 847-255-5112. 

Try to format your contact info this way:

Contact Christopher Rice at 847-255-5112 or to sign up. Visit for more information.

General Formatting 

Avoid using excessive punctuation, especially exclamation marks and ellipses (…). 

Single space between sentences.

The best length for articles tends to be between 100 and 300 words. Of course, there are exceptions to this. 

If you are part of a group that has a logo, let me know. If you would like a logo for your group, I can usually help with that also. I’m accumulating high quality versions of the common logos we use at FUMCAH, so there is a good chance I already have yours. 

Proofread your work! Printing a copy and reading it on paper is very helpful, and have a friend read through it as well. Watch for spellings, sentences that make sense, punctuation.

Newsletter Specific:

We use bold for titles and italics for emphasis within an article. We will separate certain things with line spacing (dates, lists, paragraphs). Don’t get too hung up on making this perfect this, as I re-do everything to enter it into the actual newsletter, but it will give me a guide as to what is important to you. 

Photos should be the highest quality you have. I will crop and size them to fit the newsletter. Be sure to include a caption with a brief description, and the names of any people in the photo. 

E-news Specific:

Keep it short! Aim for under 200 words. 

Flyers are great if you have them. .pdf, .jpg, and .png formats are preferred. I can link to a website or an email address within the e-news when you click on them.

If you are sharing a photo, be sure to include a caption with a brief description, and the names of any people in the photo. 

If you have photo editing capabilities, photos should be ~800x600 and cropped as desired. No more than 4 photos per e-news item. 

e-news articles are due by 9am every Thursday. You are welcome to get them to me in advance; please see the posting schedule below to know when they will be in the e-news.  

Church events will be shared the two weeks before the event or RSVP date. 

Outside events will be shared the week before the event or RSVP date. 

Informational articles will be shared for two weeks at a time. If it needs to run more times than that, there will be a week or two in between. 

Last Published: March 10, 2020 12:19 PM