FUMCAH In-Person

In-Person Worship Opportunities
Over the next several weeks we will offer in person worship services. To do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are having to make some changes: no congregational singing, no choir, attendance limited to 50 people maximum (including worship leaders), no lingering before or after the service to chat inside, no Coffee Hour. We will continue to offer as high a quality online worship service as we can.

Because of the limitations on what we can do safely, we will experiment with a few different kinds of in-person worship services.?

  • August 9 at 8:30am – Garden Church outside
    Join us for an outdoor worship service. Start your day with a 40-minute simple worship service in the beauty of our church gardens. Well-behaved pets are welcome.
  • August 16 at 4:30pm – Messy Church outside
    Worship doesn’t have to be sitting quietly in neat rows. Church can be loud, fun, and messy. Come for a hands-on, intergenerational experience.

Each service will be limited to 40 people, everyone must wear masks, observe social distancing guidelines, and the other protocols we’ve put in place as part of our Re-Entry Plan. To start, please only sign up for one service at link.fumcah.com/signup.

Last Published: August 6, 2020 10:42 AM