Justice in July

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Dear FUMCAH Family,
“Justice is what love looks like in public.” -Dr. Cornel West
We are a church that is committed to loving boldly so that a better world is possible. It has been inspiring to see our congregation live out this commitment, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, through such actions as caring for one another, making sandwiches for the Night Ministry, participating in the Buffalo Grove Pride Drive, and many more.
Another way we’ve lived out our commitment to loving boldly is through our church’s response to the more recent acts of racist violence all over the country. However, we know that there is more work to be done to root out racism in ourselves, in the institutions we hold dear, and in our country. In a shifting world with a fickle news cycle, it’s easy to allow the latest calls for racial justice fade from view as they shift out of the news cycle, yet our faith calls us to practice justice, even when it is no longer trendy.
In the spirit of continuing our efforts to practice racial justice out of our commitment to love boldly so that a better world is possible, we introduce “Justice in July,” a calendar of activities to assist all of us in creating healthy habits of practicing anti-racism in our daily lives. With the exception of days of rest on Sundays, each day of the week offers ways of learning about racism and white supremacy by reading, listening, and watching, all culminating in days of action on Fridays.
There will be two opportunities to share each other’s progress on Zoom, during coffee hour on July 5 and July 26. Pastor Liz will offer a Zoom discussion group on the book The Cross and the Lynching Tree, and Pastor Lynn will offer one on White Fragility. There will also be opportunities to share progress on our Facebook page and by sending Pastor Liz pictures that she can share on social media.
Families can also be on the lookout for news from Pastor Lynn about a new project she is working on called “Faithful Families,” with regular posts about ways families can love boldly together. This month, the emphasis will be justice activities and conversations.
While we do not intend Justice in July as a shaming tactic, we do hope that it can be used as a tool to hold ourselves and one another accountable to practicing anti-racism as best we can, that all people, especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, would know freedom.
You can view the full Justice in July calendar here, but we will also send weekly messages through the e-news with the week’s activities.
May we continue to love boldly so that a better world is possible.
With love,
Pastors Melissa, Lynn, and Liz

Last Published: July 17, 2020 11:37 AM