Building for All Technical Updates

Phones and Ethernet
The old phone system wiring has been replaced with updated digital cable. This was required due to the new office layout and old wires being buried in the concrete floor. This will allow for upgrading the phone system in the future to digital infrastructure, as well as increased reliability. The ethernet wiring in all offices and new areas is being replaced, as well as an upgrade of equipment to take advantage of the current high-speed service provided by Comcast Business.

Video Security
We have installed a new high definition security camera system that will initially include 5 cameras showing the south entry, first floor hallway from the south entrance, the new entry way and hallway, as well as both the west and south parking areas. This will also provide 24-hour video recording in the event that there is a security issue. There are monitors for the video feed in the main office, as well as the ROC kitchen.

Relocation of the Data Hub
All phone, ethernet, security camera, and door access equipment will now be located in the new work room and moved from the general office area in a new modernized wall rack location. This will provide a centralized location and ease of access to systems while providing updated security in a locked location after hours.

Video Announcement System
There will be two HD flat screen monitors, one at the new west entrance and one at the lower level south entrance, to provide meeting schedules, room assignments, and general announcements for activities happening daily in the church building.

Presentation Monitor
In the new gathering space, there will be a 65” flat screen high definition TV that will be available via HDMI interface for small group meetings, entertainment, or general content in that area.

West Entrance Door Entry
The entrances to the new west door and lower level access door will have an audio-video-buzzer entry system, as well as a fob security system. This is primarily for security during the preschool hours to limit unauthorized entrance. It will also serve as entry to the building during off-hours when the building is locked. Access to those requiring entry will be determined and coordinated by the Health and Safety Committee.

General Tech Updates – not related to BFA

Server Storage and Modernization
We will be eliminating our onsite server, the big expensive computer that contains our data and backup information, by moving that service to a cloud-based system that staff will be able to access offsite, as well as in the office. This will be a reliability improvement as well as improving staff efficiency.

Office and Staff Computers
In order to address the security issues surrounding Microsoft’s discontinuation of support for the Windows 7 platform and compatibility with our upgraded systems, we have either replaced or upgraded all office and staff computers with computers running Windows 10-Pro.

Thanks to everyone who has given so generously to Building for All and general commitments.

Building for All - Construction Update

Building for All Update

The west parking lot is usable. The new lights are in and working. The final coats will be done in the spring.

Cause for the delay:

  • Not enough clay in the soil for a proper foundation. Work was suspended while the contractor and architects found the most cost-effective solution, which was a combination of lime-spray reinforcement and clay backfill from another project the contractor was working on.
  • Concrete scrap where the new entrance is being added. Large pieces of concrete had to be removed and additional fill brought in to replace that volume.
  • Rain. When we were ready for the foundation, we had a lot of rain. You need multiple days of dry weather to pour and set a foundation, and just when the ground would dry out enough, it rained again!
  • Conduit in brick piers in the loggia. When they opened up one of the brick piers in the loggia, where the new building is to connect in, they found conduit running through the space inside. This space was supposed to be for a new steel column, but that would no longer work with the conduit there. Relocating the conduit was not a cost-effective option, as it is running up through the concrete foundation wall. The solution that was finally arrived at was to pour in place a concrete column, but as that was a change to the structure, new drawings must be issued by the architects and signed off by structural engineers.
  • New architect. the architect that was project managing took a new job outside the firm, so this past month a new architect has been playing catch-up as project manager.
  • Compounded effect. Delays don’t just affect the one trade; there is a ripple effect. We now have to wait for the next openings many of the trades have, as the original dates for the different trades, like the steel production for the new area, have come and gone.

Thanks to the Contractor: A larger contracting firm could have finished sooner, but most likely over budget. Our current contractor is extremely aware of budget, taking the time to get multiple quotes. With all the “unexpecteds” that come up we are thankful for his fiscal consciousness.

The contractor has provided extra help and accommodations we wouldn’t have received from a larger firm:

  • A temporary wall through the construction area for the Preschool and church to use as the weather turns snowy.
  • Bailed out the basement and pumped out the elevator shaft when it flooded during heavy rains.
  • Replace the sump pump battery that had died and rodded out the drainage pipe hadn’t been done in who knows how long.


Thank you! On behalf of the Building Committee, I want to thank you all for your patience with this project. We know it has been frustrating; Tom and I share that with you. There have been many construction meetings with the contractor and architects where those frustrations have been aired, or as much as we can with a Pastor present. In the end, these delays will be worth it as it means we are doing things right and for the best price. We will have a bright and welcoming first floor gathering space, with a covered entry way, and most importantly the renovated and updated bathrooms! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you.


Sara Reich
Chair of Trustees
Co-Chair Building Committee

Construction Progress

August construction update:


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