Worship Times

Worship Celebration Sunday Mornings at 9:30am

Worship is the space in which our identity as a nurturing, inclusive, connecting, and empowering congregation is lived in full force. We value and seek creative and vibrant spaces where, through music, liturgy, and story, all people can encounter the transformative power of God’s love and grace. Expect a space in worship which is big enough for all your questions, bold enough to ask you to think deeper, and broad enough to welcome all of what you bring.

Our regular Sunday morning worship celebration is on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. Additionally, we have several special worship services throughout the year. Visit our calendar for a full listing of services and times.

September Worship Series

Ancient Stories – Current Questions

Our ancestors used stories to explore the same questions that we ask: Why are we here? What’s wrong with the
world? What’s our purpose? What is a good life? This fall we will listen to these ancient stories with the intention of
being “more fully alive in our time”.  

September 9      Awe and Wonder - Why is there something and not nothing? The Story of Creation. - Genesis 1
September 16    Being Human - What does it mean to be human? The Story of Adam and Eve. - Genesis 2:4-25
September 23    A World of Meaning - Could it all mean something? The Creation Hymn of John. - John 1:1-17
                          We will celebrate the 10th anniversary of FUMCAH being a Reconciling United Methodist Church.
September 30    The Drama of Desire - Where did it all go wrong? Adam, Eve and the Snake. - Genesis 3:1-31