FUMCAH Student Ministries strives to help students, grades 7-12, explore the intersections of their faith and everyday lives, through a combination of large-group events, study, and fun.

Volunteers Needed!

A major way our church family can make a difference in the lives of teenagers is by participating in the student ministry. At FUMCAH, we are approaching student ministry intentionally, ensuring that everything we do has a purpose and follows the vision of the church. We need your help to make this vision a reality! Some of the roles we would like to fill in the FUMCAH student ministry are:

  • High School Discussion Leaders
  • Middle School Activities Facilitator (7th and 8th grades)
  • Mentors
  • Relationship Builder / Station Leader / Server

FUMCAH Students
High School

Meeting Times - Sunday from 3:00pm to 4:30pm
This casual gathering of high school students and leaders meet to discuss events in our lives and the world and how the affect our faith formation.

Middle School

Meeting Times - Every Sunday from 3:00pm to 4:30pm This group meets separately from the high school students and focuses on active participation in each other's lives and their church life through the teachings of Jesus. Hope you can join us!


Be a part of FUMCAH’s J.A.M. family ministry. Middle school students share a meal, followed by a group gathering that includes games and intentional prayer. 

FUMCAH Confirmation

Sundays, 10:45-11:30AM, September - May, 10:45-11:30am) (Pre-registration is required. Register here – link to registration form) A two-year formational faith journey for youth in grades 7 and 8, to prepare them for confirmation, where students profess their faith and are confirmed as Church members.

Appalachia Youth Service Project

One week in June

An annual mission trip for youth ages 14-19. The group travels to Appalachia for a week in the summer to repair homes, build community and witness to the healing work of God’s justice. Find out more about ASP here. To financially support this 47-year mission project of our church, visit the FUMCAH Giving page.

Ongoing programming and Events

Be sure to check our Calendar regularly for special events for youth and families alike!