We are excited to celebrate with both members and non-members who are preparing for the covenant of marriage. Find out more about weddings at FUMCAH in our Wedding Packet or by calling the Church Office. As a reconciling community, we believe that marriage is a covenant made between two people and God, grounded in love for one another and supported by the broader community.  Our clergy and congregation celebrate weddings (including Civil and Holy Unions) for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

FUMCAH will be under construction this year and won't be able to host large events like weddings until October of 2019. Call the church office at 847-255-5112 with questions.




Baptisms are special celebrations of the covenant of grace between God, the Church, and all people. As such, we celebrate baptisms for persons of every age, from infancy to adulthood. To find out more about baptism at FUMCAH, contact the Church Office to schedule an appointment with one of our pastoral staff.


The hope of eternal life is a gift from God. We extend that hope by offering funeral rites and celebrations for all persons-- members and non-members- -alike. To find out more about funeral celebrations at FUMCAH download our funeral packet and call the Church Office (846-255-5112) to schedule a meeting with one of our pastoral staff.