Proposed Welcome Center


“The Mission of First United Methodist Church of Arlington Heights is to be a nurturing and inclusive community, actively connecting faith and life, and empowering our congregation to serve in the world.”

We aspire to be a church that includes and nurtures people of all ages and stages of life. A key word here is “all.” Our desire is for all people to have ready access to opportunities to worship, learn, serve and enjoy fellowship with their brothers and sisters in Christ. Full participation within our faith community will enable all to live and serve joyfully in their families, at their schools, at work, in their neighborhoods, and in the broader community.

One of the core values of our church is “inclusion.” Our worship and our various ministries are expressly inclusive. They seek to include all. Our building, however, is a hindrance and even a barrier to some who seek to fully participate in the wonderful common life that we share as First United Methodist Church of Arlington Heights.

As we embark on this project to add a Welcome Center to our church structure, we have an exciting opportunity to merge our core values with our physical building and truly become a church that is accessible and welcoming to all people.



The proposed Welcome Center will create a clearly defined, accessible, and covered entrance to allow everyone to easily enter the building. ADA compliant bathrooms on the main level will honor everyone’s need to care for him or herself with dignity.


In addition, a large flexible gathering place will provide an accessible, attractive, and comfortable space where all can gather. The gathering space will enable all to enter the building, attend worship, and join others for coffee, conversation, and fellowship- all on one level. This will provide a great space, right outside the sanctuary, for church members to connect with first-time and returning visitors. This large gathering space will also help our ministry and outreach during the week.  It will fill the need for a large space for youth activities, allow us to have another space to provide outside groups to meet, and create a central pick up and drop off area for Pre-School.

Several years ago we renovated the sanctuary and created a space that is now bright and inspiring. Among other improvements, we removed the obstacles that prevented us from enjoying the beauty of the stained glass windows.

Now it is the time to remove obstacles and allow universal access to our building. This next step is needed for us to be an inclusive community welcoming all in the amazing and loving fellowship of the First United Methodist Church of Arlington Heights.