1903 E Euclid Ave
Arlington Heights Illinois 60004




Our Mission

The Mission of First United Methodist Church of Arlington Heights is to be a nurturing and inclusive community, actively connecting faith and life, and empowering our congregation to serve in the world.



The mission statement of our congregation sums up our commitment to four core values:

Nurture • Inclusion • Connection • Empowerment

Through the work of worship, and the ministries of all our members, we strive to be a congregation that nurtures individuals in all of life’s ages and stages, that includes all people–gay & straight, democrat & republican, Christian & questioning–in the ministries of our church, that helps actively connect issues of faith & belief to everyday living, and that empowers the people of our community to work for justice, peace, and transformation in our world.


We welcome you to become a part of a congregation that:

  • Understands God to be loving, caring and forgiving

  • Honors scripture, reason, tradition, and personal experience

  • Expects and respects questions

  • Reveres great music as proclamation and enjoys new songs of jubilation

  • Celebrates differences

  • Welcomes all regardless of age, racial and ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity special needs, socio-economic conditions and marital status

  • Wants to be in the world serving people

  • Opens it’s doors to organizations that serve many

  • Seeks to be a warm, caring, growing family of faith